Chiang Mai Art Center of South East Asia

I love visiting Chiang Mai any time I have an opportunity. In fact I am planning to move there with my family as soon as possible. There are several things to love about Chiang Mai, my favorites are the weather and the arts.

Wat Jed Yod, Chiang Mai

When you get off the plane in Bangkok, stepping outside is like walking into a wall. The combined heat and humidity is tough for those of us accustomed to living in the high desert of New Mexico. When you get to Chiang Mai, the elevation is much above sea level and the temperature and humidity are much lower.

I also love the fact that this is pretty much the art capital of Southeast Asia. Artisans from around the world come to practice, learn, and network with one another.

You will find art of nearly any type you wish to seek while you are here. I have spoken to jewelry designers from Italy, hand tied Persian rug makers from the Middle East, and pottery makers from right there in Thailand.

Anyway, the point is that you can find an incredible variety of both art and artists in and around Chiang Mai. There are a many tours you can take or just find a friendly cab driver to take you around. They know where many of the best studios are for you to visit.

Tuk-Tuk In Chiang Mai

We found a driver that took us all over the city and well outside of the city for a super great price. We took a tuk-tuk the first day but wished to travel further the next day so he got a private car for us and took us to see so much more than we could the previous day.

If you are an art lover or even a lover of handmade crafts, you should check out Chiang Mai, pretty sure you will be super happy that you did.


So have you ever been to Northern Thailand? What was the favorite part of your trip?

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